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Shireen Hommes

Office Sales Operative

From: May 2015

Education: Human Resource Management graduate, Amsterdam College of Applied Sciences

Previous Job: Rabobank, Olympia Temping Agency

Shireen Hommes

Koppel sets great store by maintaining close contact with its clients. It is Shireen’s job to ensure that no questions asked by clients should go unanswered. She is also continually looking into the scope for further improvement of the efficiency of the customer association, which is why she has been put in charge of intake and quotation processes, among other things.

‘As a first-time mother I was looking for a part-time position that would offer me the right level of challenge while enabling me to continue growing and developing. I see Koppel as a professional organisation whose steadiness is nicely complemented by its innovative and progressive orientation.

As a part-time member of staff I am particularly dependent on the team’s structural input. What is it the client is looking for and how many hours will it take us to deliver? Our approach in this is very much focused on the client. We operate on the basis of available options rather than clinging to pre-set processes or embracing doomsday scenarios. I’ve experienced Koppel as a breath of fresh air where this is concerned.

As a gregarious person I like to enjoy the company of my family and friends when I’m not working … if I can find the time, that is!’

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Office Sales Operative

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