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Willemijn Houter

Office Sales Operative

From: 2013

Education: MBO executive assistant Zaandam Regional College

Previous Job: HDP Media

Willemijn Houter

Willemijn combines her role as Bas en Nico’s relationship management “wing woman” with that of office manager, in addition to which she manages Koppel’s social media. She commutes by train between Zaandam and Amsterdam on a daily basis.

“I enjoy working at Koppel’s. It’s a great company and one which has given me ample scope to progress up the career ladder. After five years of administrative account posting I knew I was ready for a fresh challenge. As luck would have it, Bas and Nico at that very moment asked me to take on the office management – a win-win scenario if there ever was one, as I had by then come to know the company and most of the clientele inside and out.

I feel very comfortable in my new role: in addition to being interesting and varied, the work has put me in touch with the clients to a greater extent than before. From my base at Koppel I additionally support a social enterprise in their business operations, which is as gratifying an activity as it allows me to see the business sector in a different light. At Koppel the atmosphere in the workplace is quite casual and not at all stuffy. Everyone can be who he or she is, and everyone is available to everyone else when there are questions.

I have a four-day work week at Koppel. I have devoted my Mondays to keeping my grandmother company. Cookery is my favourite pastime when I’m at home. I’m always looking for new recipes. I also enjoy meeting up with friends.”

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