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Sponsoring by Koppel Services

Koppel Services are involved in a dynamic society. This brings with it the desire to contribute a positive development to that society. For this reason we support various initiatives and organizations.

Urban development

Koppel Services sponsor for example the Academie van de Stad : which pursues interaction between students, active residents and professionals working in the district, with the aim of making the city more liveable.


Vulnerable Groups

Other initiatives which Koppel supports, are aimed at improving the welfare of vulnerable groups in our society:

Stichting Gehandicapten de Ronde Venen
Stichting Welzijn Gehandicapten Nederland (
Stichting Metakids (


Fighting Cancer

And last but not least, Koppel also supports initiatives which promote cancer research and the treatment of people who are confronted with cancer. Participants in the Alpe d’ Huzes put in a big effort and make the sponsorship income generated 100% available to the research funds of KWF Kankerbestriding. The Ingeborg Douwes Centrum can only do their good work with the support of donors.

Stichting Alpe d’Huzes (
Ingeborg Douwes Centrum (


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