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Asset seizure

Does your company owe back taxes to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration? Are you involved in a tax dispute that has led you to withhold payment on your tax bill?

In the Netherlands, failure to pay your taxes on time can quickly lead to unpleasant consequences, even if the tax dispute is ultimately decided in your favor. In certain situations, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration can authorize asset seizure to secure collateral. As an asset seizure can affect your capital, assets, income and even personal belongings, this can create many problems.

Koppel Services would like to help you avoid this eventuality. Our specialists can advise you on the legal details surrounding asset seizure and will assist you in formulating a proper response.

Fiscal difficulties

Tax law in the Netherlands provides the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration with many potential grounds for asset seizure. Generally speaking, the asset seizure process is only initiated when you fail to pay your tax bill. At the same time, however, the reason for withholding payment is considered irrelevant – if you haven’t lodged a formal appeal or objection against an incorrect tax assessment, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration will always seek to claim what is owed.

In the event that your company owes back taxes, you will always receive a payment reminder first. Should you continue to withhold payment, you will then receive an injunction. Asset seizure should only be initiated if you are unable or unwilling to comply with this injunction. This means you should normally have enough time to prevent asset seizure and solicit advice on the matter.

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Advice and support for asset seizure

Asset seizure can have far-reaching consequences for your business and its continuity, even when your objections to the unpaid taxes are later vindicated. As a result, Koppel Services strongly advises you to avoid escalation in these matters.

More often than not, fiscal disputes can be handled expediently if you work with an experienced tax advisor. Our team has mediated in many asset seizures over the years and has all the know-how and expertise necessary to help you bring your tax dispute to a pleasant conclusion. We can also offer support if the asset seizure process has already been initiated.

Do you want to prevent or manage the risk of asset seizure and are you looking for professional advice? Contact Koppel Servicesand we will set up a meeting as soon as possible.

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