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Disclaimer for

Koppel Belastingadviseurs B.V. (“Koppel”), a private limited-liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands registered with the Chamber of Commerce under file number 57583226, hereby grants you access to its web site at (“Site”). Koppel with respect to its Site – which it uses for posting informative texts, images and sundry materials – reserves the right at any time and without prior notification to modify the contents of same or remove elements.

The information on the Site is offered on a non-binding and non-committal basis and may on no condition be construed as a tangible offer leading up to agreement being entered into. It is only as a result of the client’s acceptance of Koppel’s offer having expressly been extended to it as such that agreement between the client and Koppel may be reached via the Site.


Limitation of Liability
Koppel makes every conceivable effort to ensure that the contents of its Site should at all times be as up to date, accurate and complete as possible. This is not so say, however, that Koppel vouches for the absence of the occasional inaccuracy and/or (factual) omission from its Site. The information as per the Site is made available for your scrutiny “as is”, without warranties of any kind and without its accuracy being vouched for, and on no condition should be construed as an advice or recommendation of any kind. We would reiterate that it is Koppel’s prerogative at any time and without prior notification to modify the contents of the Site.

Any references to prices or amounts as per the Site are made without prejudice to typographical and/or programming errors. Koppel accepts no liability whatsoever for the consequences of such errors if any, nor may any such errors at any time be construed as having resulted in agreement having been reached between Koppel and the relevant party of the other part.

Koppel cannot and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any hyperlinks as per its Site to web sites operated and/or (products or) services offered by third parties.


All intellectual property rights pertaining to the materials at hand rest with Koppel and Koppel’s licensors.

Unless particular materials are provided with an express reference to the contrary, the content is available on application of the [?following Creative Commons Licence Attribution: Share Alike 3.0 Dutch?].


We would point out that any information you submit to Koppel via e-mail or using any of the forms available on the present Site is not secured and will be regarded as not being classified. It goes without saying that Koppel will treat your personal details with the utmost care. For further information on this please consult our Privacy & Cookie Statement.


This disclaimer is subject to change.

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