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Corporate tax

Has your organization set up a permanent establishment in the Netherlands? Does your business generate income in the Dutch marketplace, or own local assets such as real estate?

In these and other cases, your company may be liable for corporate tax in the Netherlands. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration considers any Dutch business establishment of a foreign corporation to be subject to corporate tax liability in the Netherlands. Although there are no differences between foreign corporations and Dutch corporations as far as tax rates are concerned, permanent establishments are eligible for numerous specific exemptions.

If you want to determine the exact extent of your corporate tax liability in the Netherlands, Koppel Services can help you make sense of the complex Dutch tax system.

Determining your tax liability

As a foreign corporation operating on Dutch soil, determining the extent of your tax liability can be a complicated task. To start, your company is only subject to Dutch corporate tax for certain types of income and assets. For example, any real estate you own in the Netherlands should generally be part of your corporate income tax statement.

While there are no special rules (e.g. branch taxes) for permanent establishments in the Netherlands, any profits that are remitted to your head office abroad will not be subject to Dutch withholding tax. Furthermore, the Netherlands has many tax treaties that provide a variety of ways to minimize your corporate tax liability. In order to make effective use of these opportunities, it is wise to solicit expert advice regarding your corporate tax position.

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Optimize your corporate tax position in the Netherlands

Are you looking for smart ways to minimize your corporate tax liability? Do you need an experienced tax advisor to help you navigate the intricacies of Dutch tax law?

Over the years, Koppel Services has worked with a wide range of international companies. This has allowed us to build up a wealth of industry-specific expertise and expand our understanding of corporate tax to cover almost all possible scenarios. Whatever your business situation may be, our advisors will help you find the optimal approach to reduce your corporate tax burden.

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