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Income tax return

Are you having trouble putting your income tax return together? Do you have a complex tax situation and would you like a professional tax advisor to help you make sure that your income tax return is filled out correctly and submitted on time?

Income taxes in the Netherlands are governed by a complex system of laws and regulations that can be difficult to understand – especially if you happen to be working here as a foreign professional. Luckily, our specialists have extensive experience with questions like these.

Koppel Services can help you answer any questions or difficulties you may encounter while filling out your income tax return. In addition, we can also fill out your tax statement for you.

Correct, complete and on time

Are you currently living and working in the Netherlands, or do you have significant financial assets? In that case, you are required by Dutch tax law to submit an income tax return every year. Furthermore, if you are a resident of the Netherlands, you are required to pay income tax over your worldwide income as well.

Your income tax return must be submitted within the deadline set by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. In addition, the income tax return must be filled out completely and correctly. If you fail to submit your tax statement on time or omit any relevant details, you may receive a fine or encounter other unpleasant consequences. Would you like to make sure that your income tax return is filed correctly, completely and within the deadline? Our specialists in Amsterdam are always happy to help.

Discover our versatile services

Business services

Do you need to get your organizational processes under control? Are you facing important strategic challenges, or would you like a clearer picture of where your business opportunities lie? Koppel Services provides tailor-made professional advice.

Tax services

Do you have questions about your tax situation? The team at Koppel Services can provide you with expert fiscal advice. We give you a detailed insight into your fiscal obligations and help you find the optimal approach to your organizational taxes.

Administrative services

Does your business administration take up too much of your time? Would you like to outsource your financial reporting or administration to a qualified professional? Koppel Services has the know-how and expertise to ease your administrative burdens.

Extensive international experience

There are many factors that can make it more difficult to fill out your income tax return correctly. If you have capital assets both in the Netherlands and abroad, for example, or are involved in a number of businesses across international borders, different rules may apply. In cases like these, it pays to have an income tax advisor who understands international tax legislation.

Koppel Services has the international expertise you need. We will make sure that you always have access to the information and insights you need to fill out your income tax return accurately.

Our tax specialists in Amsterdam can handle any income tax return, regardless of how complex your personal situation might be. They know all the relevant legal requirements by heart and can help you optimize your income tax return so that you never pay more taxes than strictly necessary.

Personal advice on your income tax return

As a tax advisor, we are keenly aware that your income tax return is a matter of significant personal importance. That’s why we prefer a more personal approach. We don’t just limit ourselves to the numbers – we always take your personal goals into account, to make sure our services are tailored exactly to your needs.

Our team understands that unique challenges require unique solutions. Combined with our high level of fiscal expertise, this innovative mindset guarantees you will always get the best possible outcome, no matter how complicated your tax return might be.

Do you have a specific question about your income tax return, or would you like one of our tax advisors to look into your fiscal situation? Get in touch with our team in Amsterdam and set up a meeting today.

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