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Inheritance tax

Have you suddenly found yourself responsible for the management of an inheritance? Do you have questions about inheritance tax and what it means for you as an heir, or do you need help with the tax-related aspects of your inheritance?

The passing of a loved one often raises fiscal questions, especially when an inheritance needs to be divided among multiple parties. At Koppel Services, we understand how difficult times like these can be. Naturally, dealing with complexities of inheritance tax is not your top priority under these circumstances – but it is important to address these issues proactively.

Fortunately, our team is fully equipped to take care of inheritance tax issues for you. And thanks to our keen eye for detail, everything will be handled quickly and professionally.

Handling your inheritance tax return

Under Dutch law, heirs must pay inheritance tax over any cash assets, equity or property they inherit. This inheritance tax must be declared to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration within a period of no more than eight months. This timeline can create tough fiscal problems, especially when the inheritance involves property or complex financial products.

Koppel Services has years of experience with inheritance tax and can handle all tax-related aspects of your inheritance for you. Our advisors will determine the exact contents and value of the inheritance, develop a solid fiscal strategy and advise you on the best course of action. In addition, we can fill out your inheritance tax return for you and help you submit it.

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Do you need to get your organizational processes under control? Are you facing important strategic challenges, or would you like a clearer picture of where your business opportunities lie? Koppel Services provides tailor-made professional advice.

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Do you have questions about your tax situation? The team at Koppel Services can provide you with expert fiscal advice. We give you a detailed insight into your fiscal obligations and help you find the optimal approach to your organizational taxes.

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Does your business administration take up too much of your time? Would you like to outsource your financial reporting or administration to a qualified professional? Koppel Services has the know-how and expertise to ease your administrative burdens.

Comprehensive personal support

The team at Koppel Services has the know-how and experience necessary to handle any and all issues related to inheritance tax quickly and effectively. We know which questions and problems you can encounter as an heir and we take a comprehensive approach to solving them.

Furthermore, we can also help you answer questions regarding your own eventual inheritance. Our team can help you determine in advance how best to structure your legacy so that your next of kin don’t encounter too many difficulties. Naturally, our personal approach to tax advice guarantees that our solutions will always suit your personal situation perfectly.

Would you like to make an appointment with one of our experts to discuss matters related to inheritance tax? If so, please feel free to contact us.

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