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Filing your annual report

Is your company required to file an annual report in your home country? If so, you are also required to file a copy of your annual report with the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

As a foreign entrepreneur operating in the Netherlands, keeping track of the rules and regulations can be challenging. Tax legislation in the Netherlands is extremely complex, after all, and the same applies for most business laws. Financial reporting is a good example: failure to file your annual report on time constitutes an economic offense under Dutch law.

Thankfully, Koppel Services can answer any questions you may have about how to prepare your reports and where to file them. Our specialists can also compile flawless annual reports for you and advise you on your company’s financial strategy.

How to file your annual report

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has specific guidelines that determine how you must file your annual report. For example, when small enterprises submit reports to the Chamber of Commerce, their reports must at least contain a specified balance sheet and an accompanying explanation. This requirement means that you don’t have to reveal detailed statistics about your business – a relatively simple overview is sufficient to satisfy your legal obligations. If you operate a larger organization, however, you must file a more detailed annual report. Naturally, our team can help you determine which type of reporting is right for you.

There are a number of ways to file your annual report. The size of your company determines which ones you will be able to use. If you started a small company in the Netherlands, you can file your annual report online via the Chamber of Commerce website. You can also mail it in or use the SBR, a special system-to-system delivery method. If you have a larger organization, you can file your annual report via e-mail or regular mail. You can also opt to have your reports filed by a professional. The SBR will be available to larger companies from 2015 onward.

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The easiest way to file your annual report

Koppel Services understands that you want to run your business as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’re more than happy to help you file your annual report. Thanks to our comprehensive administrative services, you can save time by letting us compile your annual reports for you. Once you’ve signed off on the result, you can file the annual report immediately.

Want to make sure that your annual reports are filled out correctly and filed on time? Get in touch with the team at Koppel Services and make an appointment to discuss your financial situation today.

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