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Do you work as an independent notary, or do you run a notary firm? Would you like to have more control over your business processes or do you have questions about your tax position, and are you looking for an advisor who has experience with your industry? If so, Koppel Services has the fiscal know-how you need.

We have worked with notaries for many years, providing individually-tailored advice and guidance. Our team follows the developments within your industry closely and is also well-versed in the rules and requirements that surround your profession. In addition, we know everything about the mandatory reporting standards imposed on your industry by the Dutch Bureau of Financial Oversight. Whatever your questions might be, Koppel Services can always provide an answer.

Why do notaries prefer Koppel Services?

  • Specific knowledge of the notary industry and its requirements;
  • Years of experience with financial oversight reporting for notaries;
  • Careful monitoring of all relevant fiscal deadlines and time limits;
  • Tailor-made advice on organizational structures, tax planning and estate planning;

Do you have a question?

Our specialists in the field of notaryship are ready to help.

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What Koppel Services can do for you

Business services

Do you want to truly optimize your organization and your business processes? Do you have questions about laws and regulations that affect your company? Our specialists will provide all the answers and insights you need to take your organization to the highest level.

Tax services

Are you looking for the most effective way to reduce your fiscal risks? Do you need advice about your organization’s tax situation? Koppel Services knows both Dutch and international tax law by heart and can help you make the most of your opportunities.

Administrative services

Do you waste too much time on your administrative responsibilities? Would you like to make sure that your tax statements and business administration are handled properly? Our team will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

In-depth advice with a strong focus on quality

The notary profession is renowned for its attention to detail and precise work methods. These same properties also play an important role in the approach favored by Koppel Services. We meet the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration’s highest quality standards and are therefore allowed to recommend our clients for Horizontal Monitoring. This special approach means your tax returns will be accepted more quickly, while the risk of tax disputes is simultaneously minimized.

Naturally, this emphasis on quality can be seen in all our services. The team at Koppel Services will always find a fitting, comprehensive solution to any challenges you might face, whether you want to completely outsource your business administration or need expert assistance with your financial reporting.

Want to discover the benefits of our services? Get in touch with our team and set up an appointment with one of our advisors.

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