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Gift tax

Would you like to give your children or grandchildren a gift? Do you have questions about gift tax in the Netherlands, or would you like to know more about the fiscal consequences of financial gifts?

The Netherlands is notorious for its complex tax laws and regulations. This complexity also extends to financial gifts. In order for a gift to be exempt from gift tax, it must meet sharply defined criteria with regards to both the gift amount and the circumstances under which it is given. In addition, these transactions are being monitored with increasing scrutiny.

At Koppel Services, we understand that you don’t want your gift to be marred by unpleasant surprises or fiscal disputes. Luckily, our team has extensive experience with Dutch gift tax and can help you find the optimal fiscal strategy.

Fiscally advantageous gifting

There are many reasons to give a financial gift. Perhaps you want to support your child or grandchild financially in their studies, or maybe you want to help them buy a house. You might even want to use the fiscal framework surrounding gift tax in the Netherlands to give a gift proactively in order to avoid high inheritance taxes. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s always wise to make sure you have a clear picture of the potential fiscal risks and snags.

Koppel Services is well suited to help you in that regard. Our specialists can advise you on any aspects of Dutch gift tax that are germane to your situation and help you make sure that the gift will be fiscally advantageous for all parties involved.

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Do you need to get your organizational processes under control? Are you facing important strategic challenges, or would you like a clearer picture of where your business opportunities lie? Koppel Services provides tailor-made professional advice.

Tax services

Do you have questions about your tax situation? The team at Koppel Services can provide you with expert fiscal advice. We give you a detailed insight into your fiscal obligations and help you find the optimal approach to your organizational taxes.

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Does your business administration take up too much of your time? Would you like to outsource your financial reporting or administration to a qualified professional? Koppel Services has the know-how and expertise to ease your administrative burdens.

Personal advice on gift tax

A financial gift is always a personal matter. If you have questions concerning a gift, you need to be able to depend on an advisor who understands both the fiscal and the personal side of the situation.

That’s why Koppel Services always prefers to take an individual approach. Our experts will start by consulting with you to get a clear idea of your wishes and goals. Once we have all the information, we will then search for a solution that will allow you to deal with the intricacies of Dutch gift tax effectively.

Would you like to know more about our services and our work methods? Do you have a specific question about gift tax that you’d like to discuss with one of our specialists? Contact our team and make an appointment today.

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