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“Koppel’s empathy with the IT industry makes all the difference.”

Oramon BV

“I’ve always been impressed by Koppel’s sheer level of know-how.” Saeed Younesi, founder of Oramon


“Switching consultants? Perish the thought!”
Elbert-Jan Achterberg, founder of Straightforward

Angelique Hoorn Management

“The way Koppel has been there for me during my fight for justice has been a source of tremendous strength to me”

Winq Media

During the ten years that Koppel has been our regular tax consultant, the thought of leaving them has never so much as crossed our mind.

Mister B

“Mister B would have floundered (or worse!) had it not been for Koppel Services” – Wim Bos, Mister B

Bureau voor Credit Management

“Always be upfront even where it may not do you much good in the immediate term – that is what I call ‘the Koppel way’.” André Groot, founder of BVCM


“Koppel Services has relieved us of our tax hassles”

Basket Builders / Aurifex IT

Never once over the past 15 years with Koppel have I considered switching financial advisers, David Smits, founder of AurifexIT


“I’ve happily relied on Koppel as my expert sidekick for the past 20 years” Gerlof Sijtsma, DGA AdSysCo

Greenacre Foods

“Koppel’s audit specialists protect us from ever falling foul of the taxman” Donna Kenway, owner of Greenacre Foods

Notice Branded Media

“It is a wonderful thing to be able to rely on a partner in business no matter what, when or why and be safe in the knowledge that their advice will be spot-on!”


“With Koppel we can meet all our administrative needs from one place, and that is the biggest value.” Jarko Uzal, CEO Cloudator


“The tax advice I get from Koppel prepares me for the future!” Rogier Poelman, founder of Euphorious


“Koppel is very important to us. By trusting them to take care of our tax and accounting, we can fully focus on our business development.” Aleksei Ivanov

Kennedy Van der Laan

“There are plenty of accountants who do not move and innovate. Koppel Services do! For us that is essential. “

dunnhumby Netherlands BV

Koppel combines their knowledge of the world of finance with a genuine understanding of what we do. Reference case of dunnhumby Netherlands BV (before Sociomantic Labs BV) about Koppel Services


“Koppel Services gives us specifically automation advice, which make our processes better” Remko van den Berg, founder of NOA

twp computers

TWP Computers

“I frequently recommend Koppel to fellow business owners and private acquaintances of mine.” – Maurits van Lennep, founder of TWP Computers

Tea Bar

“We never have to draw Koppel’s attention to this or that, because they’re way ahead of us. They are a keen strategic thinking partner”

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