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IT industry

Is your IT company currently experiencing a period of explosive growth and are you looking for a fiscal sparring partner who can help you make sense of these turbulent times? Do you need a tax advisor who can assist you with a start-up or a merger? Or would you like to know more about tax credits in the Netherlands and abroad?

Koppel Services is keenly attuned to the needs of the IT industry. Our innovative vision and strong focus on computerization means we have extensive first-hand experience with the precisely those challenges you yourself might encounter. From innovation-related tax credits to European VAT guidelines like the MOSS regulation, our team will provide a tailor-made solution for any issues you may come to face.

Why does the IT industry prefer Koppel Services?

  • In-depth experience with computerization and innovative work methods;
  • Knowledge of fiscal arrangements for IT entrepreneurs such as WBSO and Innovation box;
  • Complete understanding of the issues surrounding the Mini One Stop Shop rule (MOSS);
  • Individually tailored solutions to fiscal questions about intellectual property.

Do you have a question?

Our specialists in the field of IT are ready to help.

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What Koppel Services can do for you

Business services

Do you want to truly optimize your organization and your business processes? Do you have questions about laws and regulations that affect your company? Our specialists will provide all the answers and insights you need to take your organization to the highest level.

Tax services

Are you looking for the most effective way to reduce your fiscal risks? Do you need advice about your organization’s tax situation? Koppel Services knows both Dutch and international tax law by heart and can help you make the most of your opportunities.

Administrative services

Do you waste too much time on your administrative responsibilities? Would you like to make sure that your tax statements and business administration are handled properly? Our team will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

Effective personal support for tough tax problems

For smart, innovative entrepreneurs, the IT industry is a place of endless opportunity – but it is also full of challenging fiscal puzzles. How will you deal with the value of your intellectual property, for example? How can you meet the requirements of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration without compromising the market value of your newest innovation? And how can you determine the best fiscal approach to giving your employees a share of the profits?

The team at Koppel Services has all the knowledge and now-how to advise you on financing solutions, business process optimization, special tax judgments, and local investments. In addition, we can also assist you with your business administration, the filing of annual reports and even your corporate tax statements.

Would you like to know what Koppel Tax Consultants can do for you, or do you have a specific fiscal problem that needs solving? Please get in touch with one of our specialists and make an appointment today.

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