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Written by:
Nico Koppel


Be alert for post from EBN European Business Number

As a business owner you may be about to receive (or perhaps have already received) an urgent letter from an outfit by the name of EBN European Business Number. Please study it carefully, not least where it concerns the details of the sender.

The cover letter comes with a form, which it suggests you should complete and return using the enclosed SAE. You may not think twice about complying with this request (and who would blame you?), but beware: by responding in the requisite manner you will be tying yourself down to a three-year contract (as is confirmed by the – very – fine print at the bottom of the page), which comes at a hefty price and will not do anything at all for your business or yourself.

EBN European Business Number lacks official agency status. You are therefore under no obligation whatsoever to respond to them.

There’s no need to panic if in a momentary lapse of attention you completed and signed the form and returned it, as it is confirmed by several “scam information” web sites that all you need to do to annul the contract is send EBN European Business Number a registered letter to the relevant effect. Although EBN itself does in fact mention this in its covering letter, it has tucked away the relevant notice in a place where it would take something of a sleuth to detect it.

Dutch version: Let op! Heeft u post van EBN European Business Number ontvangen?

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