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Written by:
Willemijn Houter


Becon business

A Dutch tax consultant’s registration number, or “becon number” for short, is not a quality hallmark. It’s simply a registration number which the Tax and Customs Administration uses in identification of a particular tax consultant or administration office. As the State Secretary for Finance, Menno Snel has recently fielded Lower House questions on the topic of the “becon number”.

If you feel the Tax and Customs Administration have failed to provide you with the information you’re after, you always have the option of getting in touch with a tax consultant of your choice. Always bear in mind, however, that “tax consultant” is not a protected title in this country!

If it is an accredited tax consultant you are looking for, telephone or e-mail us today. It will be our pleasure to unburden you!

Dutch version: Een beconnummer


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