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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Check your work-related costs scheme periodically

We are about to reach the half-way stage where this year’s newly introduced compulsory integration into the payroll and accounting systems of the work-related costs scheme (or “WKR”, to use its Dutch abbreviation) is concerned, which would make this the perfect time for the Dutch business community – now that the flood of information which was provided at the start of the year has dried up and the associated implementation into “the systems” has been completed – to assess the situation. 

The fact that communication on the subject has just about ground to a halt should by no means be taken to imply that we can all sit back and relax. In fact, now would be a splendid moment to devote extra attention to the consequences of the work-related costs scheme and the associated settlement (remember the 80% withholding tax?!), as the first half of 2015 is about to end and it would make every bit of sense to include the WKR impact assessment in the interim figures. 

We would recommend to our clients to opt for a periodic check of the WKR consequences and the correlation between these and the dreaded final settlement. Such a periodic check can be performed at six-monthly, three-monthly or even monthly intervals, depending on what would be appropriate for the business in question. It may be early days, but based on what we have seen of the WKR scheme and of what it can lead to, we would most definitely characterise a periodic MOT of the scheme as a necessity rather than a luxury. 

We would urge you not to be backward in coming forward if you have any questions or concerns on the subject. Contact us!

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