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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Deduct Health Insurance Premium From Salary?

Is it true that in some cases the premium for health insurance can be deducted directly from salary payments? When is this the case?

This is only true in very exceptional cases, namely when an employee refuses to take out health insurance.

Since 15 March 2011 the new legislation came into force which allows the government to identify people who have not fulfilled their health insurance requirements. Such people receive a letter from the College for Health Insurances (CVZ) indicating that they are not insured. The CVZ offers them the chance to take out health insurance within three months. If they still have no health insurance after three months then they will receive a fine (of around € 350).

If the person still has no health insurance three months after this, then they will receive another fine and the CVZ will sign them up to a health insurer. They can not choose the insurer in this instance and will pay a year long premium to the CVZ. This premium will be deducted directly from their income. This means that the employer is then aware that the employee has not fulfilled their insurance obligation.

On the website of the Ministry of VWS: uninsured people can get more information about their health insurance obligation.

Source: De SalarisAdviseur

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