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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Digital filing duty for financial statements

It has recently been decided by Royal Decree in connection with the digital filing of financial statements with the Commercial Register that the associated amendment(s) of the Commercial Register Act 2007, the Civil Code and the Companies Formally Registered Abroad Act of the Netherlands should take effect on the first of July 2016. 

The legislative change will make it compulsory for small entities and micro-entities with effect from the 2016 financial year to file their financial statements using standard business reporting or going with the Chamber of Commerce’s on-line service. The digital filing duty will be expanded to include medium-sized entities with effect from the 2017 financial year and, finally, will come to apply to large entities from the 2019 financial year onwards.

Dutch version: Elektronisch deponeren jaarrekening vanaf 2016 verplicht

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