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Written by:
Marcel Frazer


Digital NOW applications counter for Q2 2021 opens

The NOW‑3 scheme, which represents the third instalment of the Employment Bridging Emergency Fund scheme, comes subdivided into three consecutive allowance periods of three months each.

Employers are welcome to file their NOW allowance applications per three-month period on condition that they should do so while the three-month term to which their application relates is under way. The (digital) NOW applications counter will be in service for approximately four weeks each where the lead time per period totals three months. The period throughout which the applications counter for the third NOW‑3 period (which corresponds with the second quarter of 2021) will remain in service has been extended. Employers have thus been given more time to apply, which should reduce the risk of their missing the applications deadline.

The (digital) NOW‑3 applications counter – which has been in service since the sixth of May of this year – is now set to close on Wednesday, the thirtieth of June.

Dutch version:Aanvraagloket NOW tweede kwartaal 2021 geopend

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