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The double tax treaty explained

International business and commerce create interesting issues when it comes to taxes. With so many organizations operating outside the borders of their home country, tax obligations frequently get mixed up. As a result, many businesses encounter double taxation.

Of course, there is no reason to pay the same tax twice. This is what a double tax treaty aims to address: to help countries and companies determine which taxes are due and to whom.

A double tax treaty covers all international aspects of trade between two countries. It also specifies which country is entitled to levy taxes in which situations. The Netherlands has the most double tax treaties of any country in the world, making it an attractive base of operations for international business. And Koppel Services can help you navigate any double tax treaty with ease.

The advantages of our approach

Extensive tax expertise

Koppel Services has extensive knowledge of Dutch tax laws and regulations. We are up to speed on every double tax treaty the Netherlands is party to, allowing us to advise your business with a high degree of certainty, specificity and reliability.

International experience

Over the years, Koppel Services has worked for wide range of international organizations. This has not only given us a unique perspective on various industries, but it has also given us the know-how needed to assist your company anywhere.

Commitment to quality

Koppel Services believes in the power of personal commitment – both to our clients and the quality of our work. When you are looking to use a double tax treaty to your advantage, this is the level of attention to detail your business needs.

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Looking beyond the double tax treaty

Double tax relief

Using a double tax treaty isn’t the only way to avoid double taxation. After all, the Netherlands is also known internationally for its many tax rulings. The team at Koppel Services knows exactly how to make use of these options and advantages.

Tax avoidance

Dutch law offers many opportunities to reduce your tax liability. Even if you cannot use a double tax treaty in your specific situation, other methods such as tax rulings can still minimize your taxes. Our advisors will help you do so efficiently, effectively and legally.

Tax advice

Whether you are looking for a double tax treaty to suit your needs or you have other pressing fiscal issues to deal with, professional tax advice is the best way to get the answers you need. And Koppel Services knows exactly how to help.

Reduce your tax burden effectively

The Dutch government aims to make its country the most attractive hub for financial transactions in the world. Here, you can find a double tax treaty with almost any other country in the world. Not to mention a host of advantageous tax rulings, ranging from advanced price agreements to the 30% ruling on tax reimbursement. Do you want to know how to make the most effective use of these opportunities?

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