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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Ensure the correct property value

The WOZ-value of a property is the basis for many taxes. This value is of import for the home ownership value in box 1 of the income tax return, the depreciation limit for buildings, the inheritance and gift tax for homes and the valuation of a home in box 3. So it is in your interests to ensure that the municipality does not value your property too highly. Do you disagree with the WOZ-value of your house? Then you can object to the valuation. In recent years there have been many appeals against the WOZ-value, where the owners have come out better off. In late 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that the existing system, where small value differences do not lead to adjustment in the WOZ-value is unlawful. The objection must be filed within six weeks of the date of the assessment notice. If you are affected by an incorrect WOZ decision: we can assist you with the objection procedure. In any event please pay attention to the limited objection period of six weeks.       

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