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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Families pay 1.1 million euro tax

An average Dutch household pays approximately 1.1 million euros in tax in their lifetime, according to research done by the National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud).

Household income mainly goes to social security
Nibud assumes a ‘standard family’ to be two working parents, two children who have a combined income of 65,000 euros per year. They contribute more than 500,000 euros to social security contributions such as the AOW and the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ).

Other costs
30,000 euro goes to sewage and waste services. The remaining 570,000 euros goes to the various ministries. That can, for example, go towards building 6 metres of highway or pay the salary of a police officer for 15 years.

The popular magazine Quest had asked Nibud to calculate the lifetime tax amount in response to a request from a reader.

Source: ANP/Quest

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