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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Home loan under two names? Deduct brokerage fee twice

Due to the recent tightening of the criteria for the lending of mortgages, it has become even more difficult for buyers (especially first time buyers) to purchase a house. This has not done the already tight housing market any good. In light of this there has recently been a relief introduced in the form of a deduction of the brokerage fees.
When taking out a mortgage to buy your own home, you usually have to pay brokerage fees, and can deduct these fees as part of the costs for the new house. The deduction amounts to a one/off deduction of at most 1,5% of the amount of debt that you have incurred, with a maximum of €3,630. The remainder is then spread evenly over the remaining term of the mortgage and you can deduct an equal amount every year. For a long time the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) held the policy that the maximum per dwelling was €3,630, but now they have changed their view. The maximum deduction now applies per person and not per property, giving a maximum possible deduction of €7,260.
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