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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Income statement (IB60) request from the Tax Office

Employees who require an income statement (also called an IB60-statement) – for example if a housing association asks – can request this from the Tax Office.

An IB60 is an official declaration from the Tax Office on which the income details for a particular tax year are stated. The following details are stated on an income statement:

     •   name and address of the applicant
     •   name and address of the Tax Office
     •   the year which the income statement pertains to
     •   income details of the applicant

When is an income statement required?
In some cases an income statement is required, for example to determine whether a person is entitled to a particular subsidy or to see if they are eligible for a rental property.

There is no income statement required if one can produce an income tax return for the particular year. If there is no tax return done for the year over which one requests an income statement, the Tax Office will use the data provided by employers and benefit agencies. If this information is incorrect, it is advisable to contact the employer or benefit agency.

Applying for an income statement
You can apply for an income statement over the Tax Telephone (BelastingTelefoon). Keep your BSN-number at hand. The Tax Office will send the income statement to the applicant within ten days.

For which years can you apply for an income statement?
It is possible to request an income statement for the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The Tax Office no longer holds the data from previous years. The statement for 2010 is available from July 2011.

Source: Belastingdienst

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