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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Investments in assets

Tax rebate options are available under the KIA (Small Scale Investment Allowance), EIA (Energy Investment Allowance) and/or MIA (Environmental Investment Allowance) schemes for investments made in operating assets.

The capital expenditure under the KIA scheme has been capped at € 306,931. Investments in the € 55,248 to € 102,311 range are “worth” the most in terms of KIA, in that these come with a fixed amount of € 15,470. (N.B. All amounts shown as per 2014.)

! The EIA scheme offers a 41.5% rebate on investments made in energy and the MIA scheme, a 13.5%, 27% or 26% rebate depending.

! In the event that KIA, EIA and/or MIA entitlement applied but the relevant request was inadvertently omitted from the relevant tax return, the option is available of petitioning the Inspector of Taxes, within no more than five years, with the request belatedly to be granted investment allowance and have the tax assessment reduced accordingly.


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