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Written by:
Willemijn Houter


Koppel Planned Giving adviser

On 15 July Nico Koppel was introduced as an adviser to the Planned Giving Foundation (Stichting Gedeeld Geven).
Planned giving is a new way of donating to good causes, which provides benefits to both the donor and the donee. Koppel is one of only two Planned Giving advisers in the Amsterdam region.

Planned Giving is inspired by the ‘planned giving’ method of donating which has been popular in America for a number of years. A ‘planned gift’ is divided into two parts: one of which goes directly to the charity of your choice and the other which yields an annual payment to you for the rest of your life. Planned giving can yield a very high return with no investment risk because of the tax breaks associated with it. This type of donation is especially interesting for people over the age of sixty with capital at their disposal.

Well arranged
Stichting Gedeeld Geven works together with ten reputable charities. There are also detailed arrangements made with the tax authorities regarding the donation methods and the tax benefits associated with planned giving. You can find more information on

Koppel can advise you
Would you like to know how a planned gift can benefit both you and the charity of your choice? Then contact Nico Koppel on +31(0)20-3445900 or make an appointment.

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