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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Mandatory submission details mortgage main residence

The tax office has published the online form "loan statement for main residence"

The form must be used by the borrower to provide the details of a loan to the tax office, if the loan is taken out from someone who is not required by law to provide that information.

This information only needs to be provided if the loan is for a home which must be partially repaid in order to receive the interest deduction. This applies to loans which have been taken out on or after 1 January 2013. Not only can the form be used to provide details of new loans, but also if there is a change in the interest rate, end date or the manner in which the loan is repaid. It can also be used to request the details of a previous loan. If there are multiple borrowers, then the form only needs to be filled out once for all borrowers.

The following information is required to complete the form.

  • details of the loan, the property and the lender;
  • BSN (social security number) of the borrower and their DigiD in order to sign the form


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