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Written by:
Marcel Frazer


Ministry of Finance presents proposal for amendment of small businesses scheme

The Dutch Ministry of Finance has submitted for consultation its proposed amendment of the small businesses scheme for value-added tax purposes. The current scheme applies to all natural persons who owe less than € 1,883 annually in value-added tax. 

The revised scheme is also to include entrepreneurs not having natural person status, such as private limited-liability companies, foundations and associations, as well as basing the calculations on the entrepreneur’s annual turnover rather than on the outstanding value-added tax balance. Entrepreneurs-cum-users of the new scheme will be exempt from charging value-added tax to their customers and from filing value-added tax returns and sundry administrative obligations. The new scheme is based on the exemption regime forming part of the EU’s Value Added Tax Directive 2006. The plan is for the new scheme to kick in on the first of January 2020. 

Stakeholders are invited before the first of May 2018 to respond to the proposed changes at (dutch site). Do you want to know more about the small business scheme? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dutch version: Financiën publiceert voorstel wijziging kleineondernemersregeling

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