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Written by:
Nico Koppel


New COVID-related measures: adjustments to TOZO regime

The bridging measure for the self-employed which is operated under the TOZO (Temporary Income Support) banner provides for income support being granted and business capital boosting loans being made available. With effect from the first of December 2020 the term in respect of which income support may retroactively be applied for has been confined to the first day of the month of application itself.

The TOZO regime has now undergone a tweak to the effect that from the first of February 2021 onwards, TOZO benefits may be applied for with retroactive effect from the first day of the preceding (rather than the same) month. The extended retroactive effect is to be copied across to the TOZO‑4 scheme, which is to apply from the first of April 2021 onwards.

Dutch version: Nieuwe coronamaatregelen: aanpassing Tozo

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