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Written by:
Vincent Heemskerk


Payment of value-added tax on private use of company car during 2019

You need to include the value-added tax on your private use of corporate assets as part of your value-added tax return for the final quarter of 2019. A flat-rate scheme is available for your private use of the company car involving your value-added tax return for the final quarter of the year including a payment in the amount of 2.7 percent of the car’s list price. You have the alternative choice of paying value-added tax on your actual private use of the company car. This may work out to your advantage depending on circumstances.

A fixed sum in the amount of 1.5 percent applies to any car that has completed its five years of corporate use (including the year it was first taken into use). You may opt for the lower flat-rate addition where no value-added tax was deducted when your business first purchased the vehicle in question.

Dutch version: Afdracht privégebruik 2019

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