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Permanent establishment

Do you want to do business in the Netherlands without establishing a subsidiary company on Dutch soil? A permanent establishment can be an effective solution, allowing you to explore the Dutch market and discover new opportunities.

However, a permanent establishment does not exempt you from paying taxes in the Netherlands. In fact, the risk of double taxation increases, as your main office abroad will carry tax liability both in the Netherlands and in your home country. Fortunately, our team is well-equipped to help you avoid unnecessarily high tax burdens.

Koppel Services can answer any questions regarding liability and tax legislation for you, and can help you determine whether a permanent establishment is the ideal solution in your situation.

Discover our unique approach to tax advice

Versatile tax services

Koppel Services offers a uniquely broad set of services. Our extensive national and international experience ensures that we will be able to provide an appropriate solution for any issue your permanent establishment in the Netherlands may encounter.

Advanced industry knowledge

Over the years, Koppel Services has assisted a wide range of clients across various industries. As a result, we have in-depth knowledge of the workings of many economic sectors and can tailor our advice to the specific realities of your industry.

Personal commitment

As an entrepreneur, you need advice you can depend on. For Koppel Services, that means our clients must always be able to depend on us. In order to guarantee this level of commitment, we always strive to establish a personal working relationship.

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Setting up a permanent establishment in the Netherlands

Double tax relief

Are you worried that your permanent establishment in the Netherlands may lead to unnecessary double taxation? Koppel Services can provide the information and insight necessary to avoid being taxed unfairly.

Corporate tax advice

Setting up a permanent establishment can generate a host of difficult questions regarding your fiscal position and strategy. Luckily, Koppel Services has the expertise necessary to answer all questions related to corporate tax.

Tax planning

Do you want to minimize the tax burden on your permanent establishment? Koppel Services offers tax planning, an advanced fiscal service aimed at reducing unnecessary tax liabilities and optimizing your tax strategy.

Need a specific answer?

Is a permanent establishment in the Netherlands the best fit for your business goals and needs, or is a subsidiary better suited to the task? Is the tax compliance for your permanent establishment in line with the most recent requirements? Koppel Services can help you navigate these and other questions with ease.

Simply contact our team and set up an appointment to get started.

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