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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Private Use Alarm!

New tool helps drivers of company cars

Whether you are a tax advisor in Amsterdam or any arbitrary business motorist somewhere in the Netherlands; the addition to your income for the private use of the company the car causes headaches. For those who can avoid the income addition there is a handy tool now on the market: the “bijtellingalert”. From today leased car drivers can set up a bijtellingalert, which informs a driver if there is a change to their income addition. The alert was introduced by the Vereniging Auto Van De Zaak (VAVDZ) because of new legislation which brings many changes to the income addition.

According to the VAVDZ people are alerted if they continue to drive in a 20% or 14% addition car. New legislation means that the percentage of the income addition for the same type of car from another year may be different. Furthermore, the standards for the discount categories are adjusted annually and there is now a time limit to the discount. If the income addition for a particular car is increased, then it may be wise to keep mileage records in order to avoid the higher addition percentage. In some cases delaying or pushing forward the selection of a new lease car can make a difference to the income addition. Also assuming the car of a colleague instead of a new one can be advantageous in some cases.

Every driver can set up the bijtellingalert for free on the site . Any change which affects the income addition of the driver is relayed to the driver by email from the VAVDZ.

Source: VAVDZ

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