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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Provisional assessment

Thousands must request provisional assessments
The Hague – In order to prevent any nasty surprises 24,000 people must request a provisional assessment from the tax office.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance confirmed this on Wednesday. Through this the tax office wishes to prevent the group from having to pay a large sum to the tax authorities. This will affect taxpayers whose real income differed greatly from the income that was declared for the provisional assessment. The declared income was lower than the real income in many cases.

Provisional assessment
A group of 40,000 people who already owe money to the tax authorities due to their provisional assessments will also be approached. They will also probably have to pay more in the final assessment. This is due to the tax law amendments being pushed through next year, meaning the amount which people must pay for their final assessment may increase significantly.

Final assessment
Both groups are selected because the likelihood they have to pay more afterwards is great. In order to prevent any surprises, the tax office has already taken them into account.
It is therefore a service, according to the spokesperson. It affects a relatively small number of tax payers; the tax office processes approximately 4 million provisional assessments per year.

Source: ANP

Bank acount number
Would you like to declare a (new) bank account number for 2013 provisional assessment refunds? Then you must change it with a separate form. You can no longer change your bank account number with the 2013 provisional assessment program.


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