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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Recovery of foreign value-added tax

If you are entitled to recovering value-added tax paid in another EU Member State in 2014, please make sure your claim to the relevant effect should be filed – using the Tax and Customs Administration’s web portal – by 30 September 2015 at the latest. Your request for a refund will be rerouted to the relevant Member State(s). We would point out that tardy requests may be denied by the recipient Member State(s).

You will need particular log-on details in order to submit your digital value-added tax refund claim. Please make sure that you apply for these details in good time, so as not to miss the deadline for filing your refund claim.

Please consult the Tax and Customs Administration’s web site for further particulars regarding the recovery of value-added tax from other EU Member States, or get in touch with your own tax consultant.

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