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Written by:
Willemijn Houter


Repayment schedule for overdue taxes extended

Having had the option until the first of October 2020 to apply for a three-month payment deferral where the COVID‑19 pandemic had caused them to fall behind on their taxes, business owners have since been given the additional option until the current year-end to apply for extension of the tax forbearance arrangement in question. The special deferment of tax payment scheme is set to expire at the current year-end. Once it has ended, it is up to business owners in consultation with the Tax and Customs Administration to come to an arrangement enabling their repayment of overdue taxes. Having originally been fixed at 24 months starting the first of January 2021, the Junior Finance Minister has since extended the repayment term by a further 12 months to a total of 36 months starting the first of July 2021.

The reduced overdue tax interest rate of 0.01 percent is to apply until year-end 2021.

Dutch version: Verlenging termijn betalingsregeling belastingschulden

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