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Written by:
Nico Koppel


Scope for retroactive application for 2019-2020 work experience grant scheme

The Education, Culture and Science Minister, Ms Ingrid van Engelshoven, is making it possible for employers belatedly to apply under the work experience grant scheme for a grant for the academic year 2019-2020. The original deadline for submission of applications having expired by close of business on Wednesday, the 16th of September 2020, not all employers proved able owing to the corona virus pandemic to apply in good time. It has now been made possible by relying on the hardship clause to redress the situation, with the proviso that it will be up to the applicant employer in question to give credence to the severity of the impact of the (measures imposed in connection with the) pandemic having been such as to prevent it applying in good time. It is pointed out in this respect that the argument that the staff member in charge of filing the work experience grant applications was laid up with corona virus at the time will not suffice. Moreover the denial of the grant at the present belated stage must meet the “unfairness of a predominant nature” standard. Reliance on the hardship clause will be contingent on the employer in question pleading its case in writing. The option will be available from the third to the 21st of May next for employers having originally reported to, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, during the fortnight from the 16th to the 30th of September 2020 to file their work experience grant applications.

Dutch version: Herstelmogelijkheid aanvraag subsidieregeling praktijkleren 2019-2020

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