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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Solar panel holders receive letter

In late March 2015, the Tax and Customs Administration has written to some 10,000 solar panel holders to inform them that they have been exempted with effect from the first of January 2015 from filing value-added tax returns provided particular conditions are satisfied. Only those tax payers whom the Tax and Customs Administration has pegged as entrepreneurs owing to their purchase of solar panels will receive the letter, in which it is explained why no value-added tax returns need to be submitted and what the conditions are. The letter has possibly been sent in lieu of previous correspondence in 2015 on the topic of whether or not to file a value-added tax return.

The Tax and Customs Administration is currently working on modifications to its modus operandi and systems so as to present new solar panel holders with a one-off value-added tax rebate as well as sparing them the hassle of being pelted with random correspondence.

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