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Need a professional tax attorney?

Are you having trouble dealing with the complexities of Dutch tax law? Do you need an expert who can handle difficult technical and legal issues for you?

If you’re looking for a tax attorney with years of relevant experience, Koppel Services is the perfect choice. We know Dutch tax law by heart and can help you manage any risks or opportunities your company may be facing. As a tax attorney, we can also help you set up the optimal legal framework for a startup, subsidiary or local branch in the Netherlands.

Do you need a tax attorney you can trust with the future of your business? At Koppel Services, your fiscal questions are always in good hands.

The advantages of our approach

Specialized in tax law

Koppel Services is a certified tax attorney with years of experience in dealing with complex technical and legal issues. Because of our comprehensive understanding of Dutch tax law and international fiscal regulations, we can help you optimize your tax structure flawlessly.

Tailor-made, personal advice

Each fiscal question is unique. That’s why we believe in a personal approach to fiscal advice. As a tax attorney, we will always strive to create a strong working relationship with your company and provide you with insights and advice that are tailored to your specific goals and ambitions.

Industry-specific insights

Having worked with a wide range of international clients, Koppel Services has built a considerable knowledge base over the years. This wealth of industry-specific expertise means we can provide you with practical fiscal insights that are tailored to the realities of your sector.

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What can a tax attorney do for you?

Double tax relief

Do you suspect that your organization is being taxed too severely? Fiscal law in the Netherlands provides many opportunities for double tax relief. The experts at Koppel Services can help you reduce the risk of double taxation.

Tax avoidance

Would you like to avoid unnecessary taxation? As a tax attorney, Koppel Services can help you adapt your fiscal strategy to better utilize the opportunities provided by Dutch tax law and effectively minimize your tax liability.

Participation exemption

Are you looking for a tax attorney who can help you figure out if your company is eligible for the Dutch participation exemption? Koppel Services has the answer. Our team will analyze your fiscal situation and determine the optimal course.

Get in touch with our team

Whether you need help setting up a subsidiary or you want to formulate the best fiscal strategy to maximize your annual profits, Koppel Services is the tax attorney for the job. We provide clear, practical guidance that translates perfectly to the real world. Want to know what we can do for your business?

Get in touch with our team today and set up a meeting to discuss options.

What can we do for you?

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