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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Tax-exempt conversion, business merger or return to original business format

The option is available with retroactive effect from 1 January 2014 on a tax-exempt basis to arrange for the conversion of an income tax regime-governed business (sole tradership) to a private limited-liability company, for the involvement of said business in a business merger or for the return to the original business (sole tradership) format. There are particular conditions to be satisfied, however, in addition to which it is crucial that the appropriate action should be taken before the first of October of this year.

Agreement to contract/Letter of intent
It is essential that the agreement to contract/letter of intent should have been signed and registered with the Tax and Customs Administration by the first of October 2014.

Registration with tax services
The system governing the registration of agreements to contract/letter of intent has been amended with effect from 3 January 2014, in that it has been compulsory since said date to see to the dispatch by registered post to the Tax and Customs Administration of the agreement to contract/letter of intent accompanied by the designated cover form. The certificate of posting should be kept on file as it serves as confirmation of registration having duly been effected. The tax services themselves no longer confirm registration.

You may use the following address (for correspondence) when dispatching the relevant documents:

Tax and Customs Administration
P.O. Box 13
NL‑6400 AA Heerlen.

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