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Looking for an expert tax lawyer?

Does your company have a permanent establishment in the Netherlands, or are you planning to open one in the near future? Will you be sending employees to the Netherlands and are you looking for a tax lawyer who can help you navigate the intricacies of Dutch tax law?

The Dutch tax system is a complex arrangement of statutory, regulatory, constitutional and common-law rules that can be uniquely challenging to reconcile into a single, effective fiscal strategy. If you want to make sense of tax law in the Netherlands, an experienced tax lawyer can be a valuable asset.

Fortunately, Koppel Services has extensive experience as a tax lawyer. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Dutch tax regime and can help your company make the most of the benefits and opportunities provided by Dutch law.

Discover the advantages of our approach

Dedication to quality

The team at Koppel Services has a keen eye for detail. We not only understand the minutiae of Dutch tax law, but also their importance. Our specialists leave no stone unturned and as a result, we can guarantee that our advice will give you the clarity you need to take action.

Uniquely versatile services

As a tax lawyer, Koppel Services provides a uniquely wide range of services. Whether you need to find the best approach for tax avoidance or solve a tax dispute expediently, you can be sure that our fiscal professionals have all the know-how and expertise necessary for the job.

Individually tailored advice

Every tax issue poses a unique challenge. Koppel Services prefers to meet these challenges at the individual level, by offering advice that is tailored to your industry, business and goals. We forge strong working relationships and always work closely with you to achieve the best results.

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How can a tax lawyer assist your organization?

Tax disputes

Do you feel that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has unfairly ruled in your disadvantage? Are you looking for a tax lawyer who can help you settle a fiscal dispute? Koppel Services will provide you with the expert fiscal and legal advice you need for a prompt resolution.

Tax advice

Do you want to make sure your fiscal strategy is optimized to contribute to your company’s goals? As a tax lawyer, Koppel Services can offer insights and advice on any tax-related questions you may have, allowing you to formulate effective strategies to improve your tax position.

Tax avoidance

Would you like to minimize your organization’s fiscal liability? Dutch tax law provides many opportunities for legal tax avoidance, and our experience as a tax lawyer has given us a unique insight into these solutions. Our team knows exactly how to limit your tax burden.

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Whether your company has recently entered the Dutch marketplace or worked here for years, limiting the risk of unnecessary taxation requires a thorough understanding of local rules and regulations. This can be a daunting task for a foreign company, but a tax lawyer can help you optimize your tax situation quickly and efficiently. Would you like to explore our services and discover what Koppel Services can do for your company?

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