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Written by:
Sean-Paul Smit


Value-added tax return for Q4 2018

Please remember to take the following into consideration when filing your value-added tax return for the fourth (and final) quarter of the current year.

Value-added tax payment in connection with private use of resources

The value-added tax charge on your private use of company-owned resources throughout the year is to be included in your Q4 return. If you decide to apply the flat-rate scheme to your private use of your company car, this will involve your including a 2.7 percent charge of the vehicle’s list price in your Q4 return. Alternatively you may opt for settling the value-added tax due and payable on the basis of your actual use for private purposes of your company car, which as a method may work out in your favour, but which will require you duly to substantiate the level (cost) of the private use you have made of your company car. A reduced flat rate of 1.5 percent applies to any vehicle that has been in the company’s use for five years or more (including the year during which it was first taken into use). You may in any event base your private use calculation on the reduced (rather than the standard) flat rate where no value-added tax was deducted at the time the vehicle in question was purchased.

Revised input tax credit

Deduction of the value-added tax on operating assets is proportionate to your use of the assets in question in aid of value-added tax charged activities. If you already deducted (some or all of) the value-added tax on operating assets at an earlier juncture, this will call for the tax credit in question to be reassessed as the degree of use in aid of value-added tax charged activities changes. The revision term for immovable properties has been fixed at nine years (the first year being that following the year in which the property in question was first taken into use). Movable items of property involved in depreciation are subject to a four-year term with effect from the year following that during which the item in question was first taken into use. In so far as particular operating assets have been put to use to a greater extent in aid of exempted activities in 2018, this will require you to include the adjusted value-added tax in your Q4 return. The change in use may have caused you to deduct too little value-added tax in the past, in which case you will be entitled to an adjusted tax credit which you should likewise include in your Q4 return.

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