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VAT in the Netherlands

The European system of value added tax can be confusing to outsiders. Unlike sales tax, which applies only to the point of sales, VAT applies to the entire value chain. This unique approach is enforced by the EU, but member states retain the right to apply different rules in individual cases. And as you may expect from the generally complex Dutch system, no other country on Earth has as many exceptions to the rules surrounding VAT as the Netherlands does.

As a result, Dutch VAT is a thoroughly complex affair. Sorting out all the details can be a daunting task. At the same time, however, compliance is highly formalized and failure to follow proper procedures is often punished swiftly with substantial fines. Would you like to make sure your VAT in the Netherlands is handled correctly? If so, Koppel Services is happy to help.

The advantages of our approach

Extensive local knowledge

Koppel Services has many years of experience in dealing with both Dutch and European tax law. This has given us the expertise necessary to deal with any questions regarding VAT in the Netherlands effectively and efficiently.

Reliable insights

As an entrepreneur, you need insights that are reliable, accurate and practical. At Koppel Services, we understand this perfectly. That’s why we always strive to give you the advice that is most relevant and applicable to your situation.

Professional commitment

As a tax consulting firm, we believe that commitment is a necessary ingredient in sound fiscal advice. Therefore, Koppel Services prefers to build strong working relationships with a high degree of personal involvement towards our clients.

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Making sense of VAT in the Netherlands

Tax advice

Do you need to know exactly how and when your VAT obligations in the Netherlands should be settled? The specialists at Koppel Services can offer tax advice tailored to your business’s situation and overall fiscal strategy.

Tax avoidance

Would you like to avoid paying VAT in the Netherlands? Are you uncertain in which country your taxes are due? Our team can help you figure out exactly what your tax burdens are and how to minimize them most effectively.

Tax treaties

Would you like to know how to make the most of the tax treaties between the Netherlands and your home country? Koppel Services can advise you on tax rulings and treaty exceptions, helping you present tax risks.

Handling Dutch VAT effectively

As a general rule, you will need to file a Dutch VAT return every quarter if you do business in the Netherlands. Exceptions can be made, but you will still need to declare your VAT on time – every time.

This is a complex, time-consuming task, and hefty fines await companies who miss a beat. Our team will make sure that never happens, keeping both your time and your money safe and sound.

Get in touch with our team

Have your recently entered the Dutch marketplace and do you want to make sure your VAT in the Netherlands is handled correctly? Is your organization involved in a dispute over VAT in the Netherlands and do you need some expert assistance?

Koppel Services is always at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us to plan a meeting.

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