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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Vat rates for renovations

Summary of tasks and relevant vat percentages

For the following work 25% applies to the labour costs:

Facade and roof
• Replacement of balustrades of corridors and balconies
• Glazing (replacing glass)

• installation of smoke detectors
• installation and removal of solar water heaters
• replacement and installation of central heating systems (incl. removal of water heaters, modification of an existing gas connection, new radiators, installation of a thermostatic valve and foot valve, new pipework for radiators.
• the conversion of individual heat to collective heat through third parties by apartment complexes (incl. regulator for district heating, room thermostat on/off, connecting thermostat, dismantling and disposing of old boiler with accessories, standard VR boiler, removal and disposal of kitchen water heater, standard kitchen water heater, hot and cold water, insulation thermaflex, fittings and other materials, wall faucets.

For the following work 30% applies to the labour costs:

Facade and roof
• replacement moving parts of exterior doors
• replacement hardware windows (outside) and exterior doors

For the following work 40% applies to the labour costs:

Facade and roof
• replacement exterior frames (windows and doors)
• replacement window sill/water hose etc.)

Interior upgrades
• bathroom renovation (if included removing plumbing, wall tiles, floor tiles, installation of new plumbing, wall tiles and floor tiles, adjusting pipes, electrical and structural equipment)
• kitchen renovation (incl. removal of kitchen and wall tiles, installation of wall tiles and kitchen, adjustment of pipes, adjustment of electrical work and restoring washing machine connection etc.) NB: this does not include the one-time installation of a kitchen.

• restoration/replacement sockets and switches

For the following work 55% applies to the labour costs:

Facade and roof
• restoration facade masonry work
• restoration crack forming inner cavity
• insulation and hydrophobisation
• restoration concrete work
• replacement and unblocking rainwater drainage
• scaffolding
• facade plaster work

Corridors and balconies
• restoration corridor floors, balconies and balustrades

Flat roofs
• replacement and restoration

Pitched roofs
• enhancements and restoration
• new roof finish
• new roof windows
• new dormer
• replacement roofing on site
• replacement skylights

Interior upgrades
• insulation ground floor
• toilet renovation
• installation interior walls
• replacement interior frames
• restoration and replacement of stairs and ramps
• interior wall finishes
• plaster finishes
• ceramic finishes (wall tiles and floor tiles)
• floor finishes (under and covering floors) and ceiling finishes

• installation air conditioning
• replacement cupboards
• replacement electrical wiring in house
• installation fire alarms
• installation of new radiators without replacing boiler (incl. removal of radiators and new pipe work for radiators)

For the following work 80% applies to the labour costs:

Facade and roof
• surface finish (grout work and demolition)
• restoration chimney brick

NB: there is no agreement made on the rate of labour/materials by (total) renovations or other activities and services than mentioned above. This allows the provider of the work themselves to determine the percentage. It is important that the estimate of the labour in the fulfilment of the contract is established. This concerns contracts with an agreed fixed sum.

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