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bedrijf-organisatie-advies  Are you looking for a business advisor with a keen eye for strategy and finance? Or do you need a tax consultant who knows every law and regulation by heart? Koppel Tax Consultants is both.

Business services

Tax services

Fiscaal adviesIs your business dealing with difficult tax-related issues? Or would you like to avoid them proactively? Our tax services provide practical solutions that are tailor-made for your organization.

Tax services

Administrative services

Administratie aangifteDo you want to improve your administrative control and save time on your business administration? The team at Koppel Tax Consultants can take your administration and tax returns off your hands.

Administrative services

Personal tax services

Branche expertiseWould you like assistance with your personal tax returns? Do you have questions about your fiscal situation? We can provide a tax consultant to help you with any issues you may encounter.

Personal tax services

The tax consultant of the future

As a modern entrepreneur, you need a tax consultant who can venture beyond the beaten path. Whether you’re looking to enter the Dutch marketplace or have been doing business here for years, you need a tax consultant you can trust to get results. You need a firm that understands international business and knows the complexities of Dutch tax laws and regulations by heart. But most of all, you need a sparring partner who realizes what’s important to you, from the smallest fiscal details right up to the guiding strategy and vision behind your business.

What Koppel Tax Consultants can do for you

We are that tax consultant. We offer practical, high quality solutions for every fiscal, financial and administrative issue your organization might encounter. To do so, we combine innovative methods with the dedication and personal craftsmanship that is traditional to our trade, allowing us to strengthen your business every step of the way. Want to know more? Please contact Koppel Tax Consultants and discover what our team can do for you.

Always the right expertise

Koppel Tax Consultants offers a uniquely diverse set of services. As a tax consultant, we have many years of experience in a wide range of specialized fields, and we use this knowledge to actively strengthen your organization’s market position by offering:

We believe that a personal approach to doing business guarantees optimum results. Your tax consultant is always up to speed on recent developments in your company and industry and will always offer advice suited to your exact situation.

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The unique advantages of Koppel Tax Consultants

  • A tax consultant for every industry

    Whether you’re in the legal profession, information technology or marketing, Koppel Tax consultants has a wealth of industry-specific knowledge at its disposal. When you work with a tax consultant from our firm, you’ll know they understand exactly what you need.

  • Versatile, modern tax advice

    Koppel Tax Consultants is always on the lookout for new ways to improve the services we offer our clients. This is only evidenced by our extensive service portfolio, but can also be seen in our innovative, future-oriented approach to tax consultancy.

  • Services tailored to your business

    A good tax consultant doesn’t only look at the numbers, but at the world behind them. We will always work with you closely to ensure that our advice is genuinely the best solution for your situation. You can always depend on our commitment.

  • Quality and reliability guaranteed

    Koppel Tax Consultants is on the official Dutch Tax Consultant Register. In addition, we are the first registered tax consultant in Amsterdam – and the third in the Netherlands – that is allowed to offer Horizontal Monitoring. That means quality is guaranteed.

Customer reference review

Tea Bar
Tea Bar
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