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Written by:
Willemijn Houter


Allowance for e-recognition related expenses

According to several Lower House parliamentary parties, the log-on tool using which businesses file their tax returns should be rendered free of charge. Having looked into the alternatives, the Junior Ministers for the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Finance have identified as the most obvious solution that financial compensation in line with the minimal market price should be made available in an approximate annual amount of 24 euros each for just the one e-recognition tool per organisation. A link should furthermore be established with a specific “Tax and Customs Administration e-recognition” log-on tool (for introduction in tandem with the new facility). The tool in question would merely enable tax returns to be filed rather than catering to the full complement of e-recognition related “level 3” options. The option will be available for businesses that have already purchased an e-recognition version that allows for communicating with the entire range of relevant government agencies to downgrade the relevant contract to “Tax and Customs Administration e-recognition”. The further development and on-line availability for application of the compensatory scheme, which will have a definite term of two years, is scheduled for completion by next August.

The 350 or so legal entities in the Netherlands that have liability for filing payroll tax and corporation tax returns without being entered in the Commercial Register lack the option of applying for e-recognition. The Tax and Customs Administration has advised the relevant organisations of the availability of (tax consultant supplied) commercial tax return software to be used instead. The invoiced expenses will be reimbursed to a maximum of 450 euros each. The one-month deferral for the filing of payroll taxes which had already been granted is now being extended until the first of August.

Dutch version: Tegemoetkoming kosten eHerkenning

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