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Do you want direct access to important fiscal and financial news? Thanks to Koppel Services, staying up-to-date has never been easier. Our news section offers in-depth insights into a wide range of financial, organizational, administrative and tax-related topics. As part of our professional philosophy, we keep track of important developments across a wide range of industries. This not only gives us a uniquely comprehensive perspective on international tax laws and regulations, but also allows us to delve deeper into subjects that are relevant to your business. If you're looking for a specific story or insight, please select a category to the right. Our news selection will update automatically to reflect your choice.

Letter about fiscal motions and promises submitted to Lower House

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 9 May 2014

The Dutch State Secretary for Finance in a letter to the Lower House on the topic of fiscal motions and promises has elaborated on the business succession regime as per the Netherlands Inheritance Tax Act 1956.

Timely application for child care allowance

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 18 February 2014

The child care allowance application regime for the allowance year 2014 has undergone revi­sion in that the maximum…

Maternity benefit taxed?

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 14 August 2013

The State Secretary of Finance has answered questions regarding the taxing of maternity benefits.


Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 12 June 2013

There are many benefits and allowances which can be taken advantage of when preparing your income tax return. These benefits are dependent on .your income level

Request childcare allowance 2012 and 2013

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 29 May 2013

The request period for the childcare allowance 2012 and 2013 will be abolished in 2014 in order to give parents who missed the cutoff the opportunity to apply.

Unkown addresses

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 15 May 2013

The tax office will not pay an advance benefit if a residential address is not current or if a municipality indicates that an address may not be correct.

Application for childcare allowance 2012 and 2013

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 14 April 2013

The shortened deadline for childcare allowances which has been in effect since January 2013 has been revoked.

Benefit partner

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 27 February 2013

Taking effect from 1 January 2013, the rules for benefit partners have been modified to become largely similar to the rules for income tax partnership.

Health care benefit

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 23 December 2012

From 2013 there will be a capital test used in determining if the health care benefit and/or supplementary child benefit will be granted.

Benefits 2013

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 25 November 2012

The tax office has published an overview of the changes to benefits and allowances which will come into effect in 2013.

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