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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Horizontal supervision: Extra benefit for clients!

Koppel Tax Consultants have made a huge step in the expansion of their services. In signing the Horizontal Supervision covenant on 27 September we have become only the third Registered Tax Advisers (RB) in The Netherlands authorized to perform Horizontal Supervision (HS). This means that clients of Koppel can make special arrangements with the tax authorities. The benefits of this include a faster turnaround on tax returns and appeals, fewer controls and a better overview.

With HS the tax authorities make the assumption that the tax adviser works according to agreed standards and that the tax returns are correct. Many checks are therefore considered superfluous to requirements and tax returns can be processed much faster.

Service expansion
Nico Koppel is proud of this ‘stamp of approval’. ‘It is an affirmation of our high standards and the fact that we serve our clients professionally and reliably. Above all it is an expansion of our service package: clients who decide to sign up for horizontal supervision can rely on faster processing of fiscal procedures such as tax returns and appeals, fewer controls and on more legal certainty in the event of a fiscal dispute with the tax authorities.

Vote of confidence
The endorsement is literally a vote of confidence from the tax office. The firm itself is shouldering most of the responsibility for handling tax affairs correctly, with the aforementioned benefits for the client as a consequence. Nico Koppel, founder and co-owner of Koppel Tax Consultants emphasizes: ‘It does not mean that we will blindly follow the policies of the tax authorities. It simply means that any suspected problems can be discussed in advance, in order to prevent delays and avoid costs in the future. ‘

Shortly all clients from Koppel will receive detailed information about the possibilities and benefits of horizontal supervision.

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