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Nico Koppel


From: 1997

Education: Professional Association Federation of Tax advisors

Previous Job: Partner at Van Paare & Partners, PwC

Nico Koppel

Nico is in charge of all things fiscal at Koppel Services. Nothing leaves the office without his having given it the expert nod. Seventy percent of Nico’s time is taken up by matters of an ad hoc nature, and although most of these relate to supporting the Koppel team, he also provides emergency assistance in connection with seizures of assets and other tax misery.

‘You may think it’s a bit of a stretch, but believe me when I tell you that the work I do is highly creative, diverse and dynamic. Political and social trends ensure that no two days are the same in this line of work. This makes the further growth and development of every single team member one of my top priorities. I am always bouncing conclusions drawn and solutions achieved off my colleagues and business associates.

Although I am a native of the Gooi region, I have always enjoyed working in Amsterdam. I love its dynamics and diversity, its sense of humour and the cockiness and quick wit of its inhabitants.

I consider my knack for thorough and rapid analysis and my ability to read between the lines as two of my particular strengths. I also tend to stick to my guns, which can come in handy in legal proceedings. The bonus is that my hobbies – fly fishing, mounting butterflies and photography – also benefit from a steady hand.’

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