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Vincent Heemskerk

Vincent Heemskerk


From: september 2019

Education: Accountancy graduate, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Previous Job: Kop of Munt (Heads or Tails) Accountants and Actan Consultants & Accountants

Vincent Heemskerk

Vincent’s duties involve the performance of checks of administrative records, the preparation and filing of turnover tax returns and the compilation of financial statements, in addition to which he helps clients upgrade their administrative systems using resources such as IT tools. He currently lives in Southeast Amsterdam together with his partner and daughter, but is looking to move house.

“A friend of mine used to work at TicketSwap, which is one of Koppel’s clients. He knew I was ready to change jobs. At the same time Koppel was looking to engage a compilation officer. My friend arranged for a meeting to be set up between Koppel and myself, at which we instantly hit it off.

The modus operandi at Koppel is different in many ways from what I had been used to at my previous employer’s, in that Koppel applies a considerably higher level of system-based data recording. This is better for the client even though I must confess to having felt somewhat out of my depth when I first started here. The less manual intervention, the more superior the speed and quality of processing. It gives me pleasure to ‘go the extra mile’ in my service provision, for example by identifying areas for improvement that are of real use to the business owner in question, such as an improved insight into the financial side of the business or scope for cost reduction. Whenever I spot tax-related opportunities, I make sure that the relevant information is passed on to Herman, Stan or Nico.

My partner and I have a five-year old daughter. It was nothing short of magical to be able to spend the first three years of her life as a stay-at-home dad, the way her mum and I had agreed. My greatest ambition in life is to make sure that my daughter has the best possible life. She and I like to go places together whenever work permits. I am also a member of a football team.”

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