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Daan Koppel

Administration assistant

From: April 2021

Education: Entrepreneurship & Retail Management

Previous Job: GGD vaccination street

Marcel Frazer

I am part of Koppel’s administrative team in Amsterdam. Here I do document entry and have done debtor management for some companies. These are always challenges in terms of how to approach people when they still have to pay something. This differs with how they react and every message you receive is therefore a challenge to complete neatly. I am also working on an intake form that can be used for intake interviews to get an immediate idea of what a customer would have to pay if they want to use Koppel.

After the Corona pandemic, I knew I wanted to go into business. I had always worked in the hospitality industry, but this was not my passion and this was not my vision for the future. So I wanted to do something to see how things work in practice and learn a lot from it.

There were a number of things that still needed to be arranged for Koppel and I could add to these and take up these tasks. Since day one I have felt at home at Koppel. It is a warm, cozy and hardworking team that works well together. The atmosphere is always good and I look forward to new challenges.

I am a positive person where I always see new opportunities and try to take them. I enjoy hanging out with friends and gaming in my free time. These are the activities in which I can clear my head completely.

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